We Work Our Magic On Your Messy Data. You Make More Money.

We recognize your business success and believe you can have more. We listen to understand your strategies and goals, then learn about the challenges you want to overcome. After agreeing on objectives, we analyze your data to create insights that will grow sales and reduce costs.

Business Analysis Projects

Most Owners, Presidents and CFO's have questions about their business that never get answered.

We can help. We dive deep into your data and work processes to find the insights you are looking for. While we work with a wide variety of data and data processes, our main focus is in two primary areas:

Sales Truths - We look into your sales and CRM systems for insights about your customers and sales teams behavior, using both quantitative and qualitative inputs.

Profit Insights - We provide a detailed analysis of gross margins in terms of dollars and percentages. This gives you a different perspective on what's driving your profits, and what you should do next.

Fractional Expertise

Do you have a short-term or part-time need for Financial Management leadership?

We provide experience to help you understand why you are getting the results you are, and what to do next. Our expertise goes beyond financial statement reviews and accounting variances to help you make better business decisions.

As your fractional financial business partner we can offer:

  • Fact-based planning and forecasting.
  • Monthly performance analysis and business reviews.
  • Alignment of performance metrics to incentive programs
  • Business forecasting and modeling.
  • Staff training and development.

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